Selected Projects:

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  • Tiane Doan Na Champassak / Polka Galerie

    Piezography print on metallic paper

  • Stephan Crasneanscki & Ilan Engel Gallery

    Image retouching and exhibition prints for Stephan Crasneanscki

  • Evan Roth

    High resolution scan for the artist's Multi- Touch Paintings series

  • Owen Mundy

    Line plotter print made with a .5mm pigment pen on smooth, heavy bond paper.

  • Jean-Marie Ghislain

    Pigment inkjet prints used as references when printing the offset prints in the artist's book, The Invitation. For the printing step, Atelier Boba created a custom tint (slightly warm) that was applied at the time of output.

  • Images before and after treatment of a cyanotype showing a large loss, tears, and adhesive residue.

  • Jean-Baptiste Perrot

    Line plotter prints made with wide felt tip graffiti markers filled with paint.

  • Osamu James Nakagawa

    A limited edition set of Piezography prints on Japanese kozo paper and handmade conservation folder

  • Saskia De Brauw

    Prints on various thin substrates including Japanese Kozo paper, glassine paper, and tissue paper. Custom "pockets" were added to the top and bottom of each print that house thin hollow iron bars. These bars offer rigity and provide a contemporary suspension mechanism.

  • Cleaning of a color chromogenic print by Luc Delahaye from a private collection

  • Jordan Tate

    30 meter long prints exhibited on paper roll racks

  • Jordan Tate

    Differential gloss printing technique involving multiple printings with different black inks on a high-gloss RC paper

  • Jean-Marie Ghislain

    Comprehensive BW image optimization and retouch under the supervision of the artist

  • James Rajotte

    Large edition of prints for the photographer's portfolio

  • O.W.P. & Grey Area Multiples

    Prints on a very thin, white, and opaque polyester for an edition of multiples. Box and portfolio provided by the artist and gallery.

  • Matt Calderwood & Grey Area Multiples

    Folded pigment inkjet prints on 100% recycled industrial offset printing paper

  • Prints made on hand-coated Japanese paper for the back of this screen. This was part of an art restoration project being carried out by paper conservators Antonio Mirabile and Valeria Duplat