Atelier Boba uses a Creo iQsmart3 A3 size flatbed scanner to scan original artworks, photographs, and documents for various artistic and reproduction purposes. All scans are provided optimized, retouched, and ready for use. 16-bit color or black and white Tiff files are given to our clients on a DVD or as a download.

Original documents may be up to 60cm in width (60x60, 60x80, 60x120, etc.). Large scans are done in parts and seemlessly stitched. 

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The Creo iQsmart3 scanner has a true optical resolution of 10,000 x 5,500 dpi and scans in true 16-bit color. Exclusive XY Stitch scanning technology helps ensure consistent sharpness and resolution regardless of the original’s size or where it is placed on the scanning bed. IQsmart scanners are the most advanced, A3, flatbed, high-end machines available.