The atelier offers digitization services of fragile photographs for preservation or improved access. We deal with all types of prints and transparencies: images on paper, film, glass, or metal.

Special attention is given to the handling and storage of works of art at the atelier. The digitization method, on a copy-stand or with a scanner, depends on the nature and condition of the original photograph. For each project, a protocol for handling is devised in collaboration with a trained photograph conservator.  

The size and definition of the file produced depends on their future use (long term image preservation or access). 


We offer various photograph reproduction services and can produce facsimile prints or modern rendition prints on a variety of paper supports. 

Facsimile prints aim to reproduce, as closely as possible the physical and visual characteristics of the orignal (color, texture, sheen, degradation, etc). In the museum world, it might be exhibited instead of the original in order to protect the original from light.

A modern rendition of the photograph doesn't aim to reproduce the characteristics of the original. This is the case for prints made from negatifs without a previously produced positive or for reproductions whose size, color, contrast, and type of support doesn't try to imitate the original.

All of our prints are made with a pigment inkjet printer on high quality paper or film support.

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Digitization in situ of negatives from Musée national Picasso.